Term Description
Acquisition Rate The percentage of new customers that were “acquired” through a marketing campaign, divided by the impressions or other actions taken to attain that customer. For example in mobile marketing, the number of customers gained by providing either a phone number or email address as a result of the campaign. See CPA or Cost Per Acquisition.
Acquisition Strategy The strategy or process that is defined for the purpose of finding new potential customers. The strategy needs to develop or find those who are “in market” and activate them to buy. The acquisition strategy should define touch-points and what it takes to lead a potential customer from initial contact and through conversion.
Ad Blocker / Popup Blocker Software programs that block ads from appearing in the consumer's browser. The software filtering is designed not only to block banner ads, pop-ups and pop-unders but also animated ads, flash ads and cookies.
Ad Impression The metric a site uses for measuring and reporting ad inventory. Ad impressions can be counted by the ad server as a result of an ad request or be counted at the delivery of an ad from the ad server to the browser.
Ad Injector The Ando Ad Injector, also known as the NetQ Ad Injector, is a piece of software installed on the streaming PC in the local engineering room of the radio station. This application reads data from the station automation system and uses that data to inject spots into a stream if needed
Ad Inventory The number of ad impressions a site has available for advertising. Ad servers forecast ad inventory by type and placement. For publishers, managing ad inventory (also referred to as yield management) is a key aspect of revenue optimization. For advertisers, knowing how much ad inventory is part of the buy for specific ad units and placement is calculated by using the Inventory Availability Report.
Advertiser The vendor who is paying for the creation and placement of an ad.
Agency An organization responsible for the design, production and management of an ad campaign. There are specialized or boutique ad agencies that concentrate in specific areas such as creative or media buying. Some agencies specialize in digital media and are typical referred to as interactive agencies.
Alerts A method of automatically sending, usually via email or on screen display, updates for notifications that a user selects or registers to receive, such as Silence Alerts, Spot Play Alerts, or Ad Trafficking Alerts.
Ando Client Console The Ando Client Console is the user interface that all clients access when they log into